Rejuvenate Microfiber Mop Bonnet Refill

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Turn any sponge mop into a microfiber floor mop with our Rejuvenate Microfiber Mop Bonnet Applicators. The microfiber applicators are designed to fit snuggly over any standard size sponge mop up to 9-inches-wide. The microfiber mop bonnets provide professional floor cleaning results by maximizing the cleaning and polishing power of all Rejuvenate brand products. The soft, synthetic microfiber surface outperforms rags and other fabrics by trapping and lifting dirt, dust and pet hair. The applicators are lined inside to keep the microfiber bonnet separate from the sponge mop for maximum efficiency when applying Rejuvenate floor cleaning and floor restoration products. Machine washable and reusable the microfiber mop bonnets clean, polish and restore all hardwood, stone, tile, luxury vinyl and laminate floors. Reveal the Beauty and Make It New Again when you use Rejuvenate products. Best in class products. Made in the USA.

  • Includes 2 microfiber applicator pads that fit over any standard size sponge mop head up to nine-inches wide
  • Use to clean, prep and apply Rejuvenate products to floors and cabinets
  • Perfect cleaning solution for dusting floors and regular floor cleaning to remove dirt and grime
  • Lined inside to keep mop and bonnet separate to maximize the ability to clean and polish floors
  • Reusable floor cleaning pads simply machine wash with mild detergent and let air dry