Novelty Pool Sprayer- Fire Rescue Sprayer Pool

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Novelty Pool Sprayer- Fire Rescue Sprayer Pool

  • Portable pool
  • Tall, wide side walls for maximum play room
  • Water sprayers attach to garden hose
  • No padding under pool, place on grass or soft ground
  • Use only with adult supervision


Our novelty pool sprayer is the perfect way for your entire family to combine relaxation and recreation in your own backyard. Kids and adults will enjoy the fun in the sun in this unique giant portable pool with a built-in functioning water cannon and a cooling crow’s nest sprayer. Both the cannon and sprayer are fed directly from an easily connected standard garden hose to the pool’s side for an endless water supply.

Room to Splash

Tall and wide side walls allow for maximum lounging, play room and family splashing. The simple-to-use safety valve makes inflating and deflating fast and easy. This giant inflatable Pirate Ship is the perfect way to combine big relaxation and recreation. It will be the favorite family pool for ages! Adult supervision is always advised.